Our Whole Pie Specialties

Our whole pies are priced from $28-$35 and all special orders require 72-hour notice. They are approximately 10 inches in size and serve 8-10 people, depending on how hungry your guests are.  

For discounts on bulk orders (Consider ordering pie for your office, holiday party or  next big event. Or, you know, if you just can't decide and want to try one of everything!) email us at modernlovepie@gmail.com. 

Salted Caramel Apple
Chocolate Malt with Vanilla Wafer Crust

Coconut Cream and Caramel
Maple Pumpkin Pie with Ginger Snap Crust

Sweet and Spicy Bourbon Pecan
Cranberry Maple Nutmeg Cream

Salty Honey Bourbon
Passion Grapefruit Meringue with Ginger Snap Crust
Black Bottom Oatmeal

Frangipane Plum
Roasted Cherry and Brown Butter Almond Cream
Rosemary Honey

Lemon Cream
Lemon Meringue
Strawberry Balsamic and Cardamom
Strawberry Hibiscus Crumble

Nectarine and Blackberry
Blackberry Lime

Mixed Berry with Peanut Butter Crumble (PB&J!)
Apple Cranberry Sour Cream Crumble

Earl Grey Cream with Chocolate Ganache




Photos by Lauren Moore http://www.laurenmoorephoto.com/